How To Clean Vinyl Flooring

If you are looking for an inexpensive yet durable type of flooring, vinyl flooring is your option to be. But if you have put this type of flooring at your home, know that maintenance and vinyl floor cleaning in Brisbane might be something that would require some extra effort. It is due to this reason we have gathered some tips that you should consider when going for vinyl floor cleaning. 

  1. Doormat

The first thing you should know about maintaining and protecting the vinyl floor is to get a doormat for it. A doormat will help in protecting the two major enemies that destroys the vinyl floor known as chemicals and dirt. Chemicals that are stuck in your shoes make the floor turn yellow and makes it look ugly. 

  1. Frequent Sweeping

Whether it is a vinyl flooring or any other, the key to longevity and durability for any flooring is to keep it clean which means frequent sweeping. Get the dirt off from the floor so that your vinyl flooring can last longer than its actual duration. Keep a broom accessibility at all times so that even if a tiny drop of liquid or a piece of dirt is dropped on the floor, it would be removed immediately. 

  1. Shampooaway Hair Spray

There is this one negative thing about hair spray that is when you use a hair spray, it builds up on the vinyl floor which ruins the overall quality of it. To clean the hair spray from the vinyl flooring, you should mix a squirt of shampoo along with a gallon of warm water. Then use a mop to clean the floor and then rinse with a damp mop. 

  1. Low Impact Cleaning Techniques

There are a lot of ways in which you can clean the vinyl flooring, however, instead of going for the heavy duty cleaners, you can opt for the low impact ways. Vacuuming and sweeping the floor every day is one of the ways which would clean the dirt and anything spilled on the floor on a daily basis. You can also use soap water to clean the vinyl flooring if all else fails. 

  1. UseProtective Feet 

The weight of heavy furniture such as refrigerators and tables that take some permanent places can often tend to damage the vinyl flooring. These dents can be prevented by fitting and fixing the furniture by putting protective feet under them. These protections can be found in home improvements centers and hardware stores very commonly.  

Vinyl flooring is often commonly found as an inexpensive flooring that can be often seen being used in kitchen flooring and bathroom as well. But just like any other flooring, these require high maintenance as well for which one should follow the above mentioned tips.  floor-vinyl