Ancient Cookware

Cast irons cookware Australia are in use from too long, they came into existence when there was no concept of stoves. In early times, when they needed something which could be used to cook on coal, then cast iron pots were brought into existence. They got famous due to their high retention of heat. In the mid of 19th century, they got out of the market due to the high demand of aluminium non-stick pots but as the time passed; they again took place in kitchen of almost every household due to their durability and for being safest for cooking. Now, they are again a point of attention for housekeepers because of a non-chemical alternative to non-stick but they need some care for maintenance.

Normally cast iron come with seasoning which helps them to avoid food sticking to it but if it’s not seasoned, you can do it yourself.

How to season a cast-iron

There are some simple steps:

Wash the pan thoroughly with use of soapy water, brush and dry it completely with kitchen towel

Apply a thick layer of olive or any vegetable oil with brush

Then bake it upside-down for 1 hour in a preheated oven

Now, you have a nice and shinning skillet; do the same process 2-3 times to build a fine seasoning. Regular use of cast iron cookware makes their seasoning better.

No doubt, it needs care but it also has many benefits which will make it preferable among other cook-wares. It is made of iron which is best conductor of heat and it gets heated evenly. When we cook in a cast iron, it leaches some iron in your food and it is healthy for you. The taste of food does not get affected in it and remains hot for a longer period of time. It is cheap and remains for ages if maintained properly. 

Care and maintenance

Let’s discuss some tips about how to clean and keep them functional:

Wash it gently after each use with brush and never leave it soaked in sink.

Dry it completely with paper towel and put it on heat for 5mins otherwise water will make it rusty.

The more you use, the better it gets seasoned. Use it for frying, it’s better for it.

Season it as much as you can.

In short, they are very useful and fortified but need some cautions. Many people are using them because they have multi-functions like cooking, frying, grilling and baking as well. Make a wise choice while purchasing cookware because it is important to be aware of what are you eating and how it is processed.