Common Plumbing Issues

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Owning a home means dealing with plumbing maintenance Melbourne issues on a regular basis.  A look at some of the most typical problems you’ll encounter, as well as their causes and solutions can save you.

Faucets that dribble

Constantly having to deal with dripping faucets is inconvenient. Replaceable worn-out washers or O rings are sometimes the blame for dripping. Dripping faucets might also be the result of rust or even poor faucet installation.

It’s time to fix your leaky faucet.

  • Calculate how much that leak is costing you using a drip calculator.
  • The trickle won’t stop after you replace the washer or O ring. Give professional plumbers a call!

 Leaky Pipes

Any number of factors can result in dripping pipes, including:

Pipe corrosion, pipe joint deterioration, damaged seals, and/or cracked pipes can all lead to high water pressure.

It doesn’t matter what’s causing your pipes to burst, they need to be fixed as soon as possible! The longer leaky pipes are overlooked, the more harm they can do to your plumbing system and your property.

Toilets that are flushing

If a toilet is left on all day, that’s over 200 gallons of water wasted. How much water does this use? The most common causes of running toilets are:

Problems with refill tubes, flapper seals, flush valves, flapper chains, and corrosion in the toilet handles

Lack of adequate water pressure

Using any plumbing system at home might be difficult if you have weak water pressure! One of the most common causes of low water pressure is:

Invisible water leaks in your home Clogged drains or sewage lines Cracked or clogged sewer lines

The Hose Bibb is Leaking

In the spring and summer, a dripping hose bibb is a regular problem. Many unprotected hose bibbs can shatter and leak during a long, cold winter. Customers can consider purchasing a frost-proof hose bibb, which can help prevent future leaks.

 Clogged or Slow Drainage

If drainage issues aren’t treated soon, they can lead to health risks and even plumbing catastrophes. Generally speaking:

⦁ A sluggish or clogged drain in a house usually indicates that the issue is restricted to that region. There are many different reasons why a drain may become blocked. This problem can be solved with regular drain cleaning!

⦁ Sewer line problems are sometimes indicated by a slew of slow or clogged drains. If you detect many slow drains in your home, especially in the lowest parts of your house, call a plumber right once to avoid a sewage backup.

Failure of the Sump Pump

Failures of the sump pump might be caused by internal or external issues. Most sump pump problems can be traced back to the following:

There are several possible causes of sump pump failure: jammed switches, a large volume of water, such as after a storm, clogged drain lines, improper sump pump installation, and ageing.

Problems with the Water Heater

In any household, heating is a requirement. Faulty water heaters can cause severe plumbing issues at time.   the following are usually to blame for water heater malfunctions:

Failures of heating elements, corrosion, or sediment accumulation in systems, lose or damaged electrical connections, incorrect water heater installation, and the wrong size or kind of system to serve a home’s needs are among the most common causes of water heater failure.